Ground Heat’s in-house ability ensures it can provide turnkey solutions from design to installation. We aim to reduce fuel costs and address the government’s target of reducing carbon emissions by 68%, compared with 1990 levels, by the end of the decade. With our in-house mechanical and electrical design capability and working alongside our partner manufacturer, Austria’s Heliotherm, we offer bespoke ground source heat pump (GSHP) and air source heat pump (ASHP) systems. Additionally, we offer containerised solutions to reduce on-site downtime. We also provide temporary external plant rooms, if required. We work alongside consultants concerning large district GSHP and ASHP projects by providing technical support and supplying and integrating battery storage with energy management.

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RSK’s partnership with the US business Rygan, a materials science company that specialises in composite engineering and thermodynamics, offers further synergistic opportunities to Ground Heat. Rygan’s ground source heat system has been used successfully in the United States of America since 2008. RSK’s exclusive contract brings this innovative technology to the UK and Ireland for the first time. Ground Heat will use the Rygan system to deliver advanced renewable heating solutions for both commercial and domestic applications. Moreover, through our exclusive rights to the Rygan coaxial bore system, we can reduce the borefield requirement by up to 60%. This will ensure that Ground Heat can deliver large-scale GSHP systems. Designed for heating and cooling, the coaxial system will be our preferred choice for larger projects. Our systems include passive and active cooling and desuperheating systems that give flow temperatures of 80°C without affecting the coefficient of performance.

Our use of advanced technology is complemented by our vast experience in designing and installing open- and closed-loop systems, including surface water energy centres for distribution to multiple plant rooms. Lake, river or stream, reservoir and open seawater extraction can also be used for all our designs. We can size, supply and install small- and large-scale battery storage systems to manage demand-side response, agile tariffs, frequency control and energy supply. We offer commercial, retail and residential clients a full scope of services, including operation and maintenance contracts.


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