Installing bespoke renewable energy technologies

The owner of a proposed new-build development in Cheshire, UK, sought a new method of heating the property. The client did not wish to use non-renewables; instead, they wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, so they contacted Ground Heat, an expert in engineering renewable heating technologies. Specifically, the client contracted us to install ground source heating throughout the three-storey property. Located in an attractive location, the development, Southdowns, would also have an underground car park and, on the top level, a heated swimming pool.

Research-led solutions

Before lifting a tool, Ground Heat engineers met with the client to understand the intricate requirements. In addition to installing the latest renewable heating technologies, the client wanted to reduce energy consumption. Our engineers suggested using photovoltaic cell (PV) technology and battery storage units owing to their falling prices and to take advantage of flexible electricity tariffs and low night-time electricity prices. They also suggested additional cost-savings solutions such as an under-drive heating system to avoid using grit during icy periods.

Once the project was given the green light, we installed two 20 kW inverter-driven Heliotherm ground source heat pumps, seven traditional 150 m boreholes in the front drive to supply the new system, a 1000 L buffer cylinder, a 40 kW PV array and six 13.5 kW storage batteries. We also made use of underfloor heating with intelligent control throughout the property. Apart from the solar PV, we installed all the equipment in the underground parking area.

Saving through renewables

Through collaborating with Heliotherm, an Austrian manufacturer, and Q Energy, an electricity retailer, we introduced a time-of-use electricity tariff and an intelligent platform. The mechanism manages the heat pump load and battery system to take advantage of low-price periods. The solar PV system can also be used during the day to recharge the battery system and produce hot water. Our package at Southdowns will deliver energy savings and reduce the property’s carbon footprint further than originally anticipated.