This is Ground Heat

Pioneering the development of ground source heat pump systems

David Thompson is the dynamo driving Ground Heat’s operations forward into a sustainable future built on the merits of a low-fossil-fuel economy. Dave began as an apprentice in 1980 and, through focused attention and curiosity, he advanced far beyond what his job title suggested in understanding and installing ground source heat pumps. He took on small jobs installing domestic units as there were so few customers. However, he believed the innovative and cost-effective technology would find its niche and, to help fulfil its potential, established Ground Heat in 2006. Since then, the company has developed a highly professional reputation through its consistent advancement and steady research with partner Heliotherm in Austria.

The company has worked on award-winning projects in the UK, including replacing costly and inefficient gas combination boilers in 100 one- and two-bed apartments in a 1970s tower block in Salford, Greater Manchester. In the Liverpool City Region, Ground Heat helped to eradicate fuel poverty in the Delph Lane low-rise apartment blocks by facilitating the best use of almost 400 on-site solar panels and a battery storage unit. Ground Heat’s multifaceted project team has installed small domestic units, worked on large-scale commercial projects and installed district plant rooms in social housing units and care homes.

Meet the team

Our expertise

As heating engineers, we are ideally positioned in the marketplace to integrate into the renewable energy field. We have been installing heat pumps for almost 20 years. Our engineers are consistently refining their skills based on research-led collaboration with Austria-based manufacturing specialist Heliotherm. We are proud to be one of the market leaders in the industry.

Our system takes the most common renewable-energy technologies and integrates them as a single technology. No other ground source heat pump system has this capability. Our system is designed to address the issue of demand side response; by doing so it will future-proof ground source technology and revolutionise the way that heating systems are operated. It will alter the way that distribution network operators and aggregators look at heat pumps and negate the need for invasive infrastructure. This will enable heat pumps to be used widely in the UK, which will address fuel poverty, reduce CO2 emissions and make a significant contribution to the government’s Green Industrial Revolution goal of installing 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2035.

We have exclusive rights to the Smart Module System 1–6 kW ground source heat pump designed and developed in collaboration with Heliotherm. Our engineers benefit from an extensive training programme in Heliotherm’s factory to develop their competency further in the installation of ground-source and air-source systems. We are also investing heavily in the installation of a remote monitoring system for each heat pump to eliminate the need for a more labour-intensive operation and, ultimately, to reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, we have partnered with Rygan in the USA and have exclusive rights to its borehole system in the UK. Rygan’s coaxial technology considerably reduces the number of boreholes needed for a GSHP system. It also enables the installation of GSHPs in buildings with limited space.

Accreditations and awards

Ground Heat is part of the RSK Group of companies

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