With the new 2016 metering regulations for multi occupancy buildings social landlords prefer a system that negates the necessity for such meters and avoids billing platforms as found in other similar builds.

Ground Heat's new system

Ground Heat has designed a new system, the first of its kind in the UK that uses a unique riser system connecting individual 3kw heat pumps to high rise apartments. In 2014, 54 individual wall hung ground source heat pumps were installed in 54 apartments at Clifford Lamb Court Manchester. This system negates the requirement for district plant rooms and gives the responsibility of fuel costs to the resident direct.

The system incorporates a 3kw GSHP built around our design criteria for social housing properties. Vaillant UK provided this unit in 2014 after careful design considerations.

The 3kw unit will pull .7kw when producing 50 degree flow to radiators and DHW cylinders. It has the ability to produce up to 62 degrees through the radiators. Ground Heat has now proposed another system to complement their original design which will enable a constant COP of between 6.4 and 7 constantly throughout the year, massively reducing the residents’ run cost. The residents at Clifford Lamb Manchester who were paying an average natural gas fuel cost of £415.00/ year are now paying between £133.00 and £380.00. Some of the residents were paying over £600/ year on the old system.

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