Ground Heat had been looking for a premises local to our old office in order to build a working showroom. Therefore when the owners asked for our help in their salon, we realised that a salon would give us every application to demonstrate what Ground Heat could do.

The owners gave us complete control of the design of the heating and hot water supply.

A Ground Source Heat Pump is a unit which extracts heat from the ground via bore holes and pipes laid in the ground which can be 75% cheaper in running costs, a much cheaper and greener option to oil or gas.

We approached Worcester Bosch and told them of our intention to make it the only total green salon in the country with new research applications being fitted alongside their units and they very kindly gave us £15,000 worth of units with which to experiment.

We fitted under floor heating to both floors to free up wall space. Each room has its own temperature control.

The nail room being glass fronted has an Air to Air Source Heat Pump which gives heat and air conditioning and also air purification.

The by product of a heat pump is a cold liquid which gets pumped into the bores to reclaim heat from the ground. We fitted a unit which blows air over the cold liquid and gives free air cooling to the salon and removes the heat via vent ducts. This heat is then re loaded into the ground which makes our heat pump more efficient.

The four backwashes and showers use an enormous amount of water. As this water goes down the drain we extract the heat from it and reuse it to re load our bores.

We reuse all the waste heat from the salon.

We have solar panels on the roof which give us hot water during the summer and once the hot water has reached temperature the solar then gets dumped back into the ground to give us an even more efficient running cost the following winter.

We believe we have gone one step further in ground source by using the renewable energy from an already super efficient system.