An Installation in North Wales

Alf Rogers contacted Ground Heat in order to link a heat pump with solar thermal energy and a wind turbine on his property in North Wales. The property is an old cottage with excellent insulation and a wind turbine that is producing far more electricity than predicted from calculations.

Ground Heat installed an 8KW Vaillant Geotherm heat pump with a bespoke 200 litre stainless steel buffer engineered by Dave Thompson Technical Director of the company. The buffer is fitted with a built in immersion heater. The solar thermal for hot water is backed up by the immersion, under most circumstances being operated by electricity produced by the wind turbine.

The 5KW wind turbine is perched on a 15 metre mast on the North West Coast of Wales facing the sea. Ground Heat has reinsulated all of the roof spaces in order to improve heat efficiency. The GSHP is linked up to the wind turbine so that when the wind blows the heat pump switches off automatically and the wind turbine feeds the immersion heater built into the buffer. This uses all of the electricity that the wind turbine produces during the winter months. When the wind turbine is not producing electricity during the winter months the heat pump automatically switches itself on.

The system can be operated through remote access via an iPad, iPhone or web browser in order to monitor and adjust settings when the property is unoccupied.

This combination of three renewable technologies working together in harmony with the environment is a testimony to the simplicity of being able to provide a carbon neutral solution.