Duncan Edwards Court

Northwards Housing - Manchester

As fuel poverty is a growing concern amongst the elderly, we at Ground Heat decided to pioneer the idea of installing ground source heat pumps and auroTHERM solar thermal into sheltered accommodation.

The 11 room residential care home previously comprised of three 80kW cast iron gas boilers. Each apartment had an individual domestic hot water cylinder supply, fed from the boilers.

A concept designed by Ground Heat to reduce the stored volume by 700 litres to a communal store of 300 litres, with the addition of a secondary hot water circulation system throughout the building to serial fed radiators (the first in the UK) approximately delivers 10.5% savings in energy costs. A backup boiler has been installed to ensure the system is pasteurized once a week, raising the temperature from 56 to 65 degrees for an hour.

A monitoring system fitted to the new installation has shown savings not only in cost but also energy output. Duncan Edwards previously produced around 300,000 kwh per year in keeping residents in heat and hot water. The existing gas bills were £9,800.00 per year.
The new system now costs under £5,000.00 per year to run and the energy input per annum is now 160,000kwh.

Over 20 years the projected lifetime fuel cost saving will be £19,661 with an RHI cash back of £148,524. This means over 5.5 years the system pays for itself. Ground Heat is a firm believer in utilising a natural resource with innovative technology to abolish fuel poverty permanently.

Although the name looks back to a past era of the Munich Air disaster, the building itself has been transformed into a vision of the future through the forward thinking of the project manager, Bernard Turner, who with the guidance of Ground Heat’s Dave Thompson had the foresight and determination to drive this project forward and to realize this innovative integration of renewable heating technologies.

Bernard Turner - Principal Mechanical Engineer, Northwards Housing:

“We’re extremely pleased with the installation and its performance so far. The success of the project is even starting to serve as a shining example of the benefits of renewable technologies, as we’re now attracting interest from housing associations and councils across the UK who are considering similar measures.”

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