Northwards Housing, Manchester

A 1960’s tower block of 58 flats drew the attention of Ground Heat when Northwards commissioned us to install a ground source heat pump system for a more energy efficient and cost effective solution to an aging gas plant on the roof of the building. Not only did Northwards require a system that met the needs of the tenants today but a future proof provision for the property. A project on this scale had never been attempted before in the UK.

The skills and resourcefulness of the director, Dave Thompson, were realised when the bespoke design process commenced. Due to the nature of the building being high rise the specification of the heat pumps required had to be small, but this had never previously been attempted. Dave collaborated with Vaillant to manufacture the 3kW heat pump. This was the best solution as it can be used in individual properties and as the heat pump is wired direct into each consumer unit tenants only pay for the energy they use.

As specialists in the field, we designed and installed two brine risers from the ground to the top floor with manifolds to link each singular flat. A unique bore field configuration was calculated to exploit energy efficiency to the maximum. This guaranteed a higher coefficient of performance (COP) per annum. During the ground works, gas and electrical pipe work was uncovered, but with vigilant precision we were able to implement the works successfully. Unvented hot water cylinders provide the building with enhanced hot water pressure and cooler corridors in warmer weather.

Through the implementation of this scheme Clifford Lamb’s carbon output per annum has been reduced from 97 tonnes to 52 tonnes. Occupants’ energy bills have been reduced collectively saving £6,804 per year. The operating costs for Northwards Housing has also been reduced to £250 per annum.

As this project entailed major investment and challenges it was paramount that we at Ground Heat met the needs of the clients and residents. With the ability to adapt quickly, we problem solve and evolve in order to advance as market leaders in the ground source heat pump industry.